September 2015 - Outlaw Penalty

We Going Jacque Cousteau on Genetic Evolution

Vital information on the genetic lineage of humanity. Researched from ancient African texts and modern genetic discoveries. At points the information is coming so fast you better be on point. The facts point to an evolution that modern science doesn’t really shed light on. Be sure to support Sa Neter TV for bringing these lectures […]

New Clue to Immortality Discovered in Russian Ice

A Russian scientist has found a 3 to 5 million year old bacteria that appears to be immortal. After experimenting on rats and a few other mammals he decides to inject himself with it. It’s been two years and he says he is experiencing more energy and a greater vitality. So far he hasn’t experienced […]

This Is What a Rogue Uber Agent really looks like. Minus The Glamour

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I ran into the OG & he told me hold on.

Trick Trick – #Lynch

Look What I found in My Inbox.

And so it begins. Chapter 5: The Time I went to China

Chapter 5: Satoshi Nakamoto & The Genesis Block

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Get Home – JR Castro Feat. Quavo & Kid Ink

Maino -Love My Niggas- Feat. Vado & Uncle Murda

Syrian Refugee Tries to Kill his Family Because Border Patrol wouldn’t let him Through.

Conspiracy Theorist: Doug Micheal – Control 101

What’s Your Excuse?

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