October 2015 - Outlaw Penalty

Chapter 5: There’s A Good Reason Why I Missed The Justice or Else March?

Chapter 5: Ordinary Occurences

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Air France Executives Didn’t Expect Slave Revolt After Announcing 2,900 Workers Would No Longer Be Fed

I thought this was absolutely hilarious. These corporate guys are killers in the boardroom but when it comes time to face the people who’s heads are actually on the chopping block their response to employee push back is slightly different. Look in their eyes, that was genuine fear. Shit just got real. I’d like to […]

How I Tripled My Earnings By Getting Paid In Bitcoin

The main reason why I choose to use bitcoin can be summed up in three words, fractional reserve banking. If you think about it, and only six short years one bitcoin is worth $230 USD. The idea of it is actually incredible. Ten years ago almost no one was thinking about crypto-currency. These days it […]

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