Understanding Seket Aanru The Game (Instructions)

Cinematic Orchestra – ” All things to all Men” , is what you cannot be. Be what you believe to be true. No exceptions. That is the true test of character.


Tips for Understanding The Seket Aanru Project

  1. Seket Aanru The Game is free to join.  You get 0.5300 UIX Credits to get you started when you Register. You need 1 UIX  to cash out to your wallet.
  2. Information is the key and each revelation is multi-layered just like in real life.
  3. The object of The Game is to earn credits or UIX for completing Objectives or gathering clues.  The more complex the task the greater the rewards.
  4. Rewards can be exchanged for information, game clues, digital downloads, store merchandise and other items available in the world market.
  5. Seket Aanru The Game is not limited to this website.  Objectives or missions often require real world interaction.
  6. As you earn Rankings you gain more access to, and influence over people and information.
  7. When your reach Agent Handler your will be able initiate Objectives.
  8. Subscribers have access to the Backstory and Chapters of Truth Be Told as they are written.
  9. We believe in sharing the wealth so we encourage all players to Get Paid to Play.  Affiliates receive 50%  Commissions and Game Clues by email 24 hours  in advance of their official release. Commissions are automatically paid weekly in US Dollars via Paypal or Bitcoin.
  10. The Game has been active online since 2005 so there are nearly a 1000 Clues scattered all over the web related to just the first four Chapters of Truth Be Told.

How To Earn UIX

Instance Amount Limit
UIXcredits for becoming a member 0.5300 UIX -
UIXcredits for site visit 0.0100 UIX -
UIXcredits for new Post 0.0021 UIX No limit
UIXcredits for new Page 0.0021 UIX No limit
UIXcredits for viewing Bitcoin Orders 0.0001 UIX No limit
0.0001 UIX No limit
UIXcredits for viewing Ranks 0.0001 UIX No limit
0.0001 UIX No limit
0.0001 UIX No limit
UIXcredits for logging in 0.0101 UIX Maximum once per day
UIXcredits for Approved Comment 0.0001 UIX -
UIXcredits for clicking on link to: %url% 0.0001 UIX -
UIXcredits for viewing video 0.0001 UIX -
UIXcredits for referring a visitor 0.0500 UIX No limit
UIXcredits for referring a new member 113.0000 UIX -


  • hi everybody

    tam leOctober 30, 2014
    • Seket

      how are you?

      SeketOctober 31, 2014
  • hey guys

    COREY SMITHSeptember 9, 2015
  • This seems to be very confusing, is there anyone who can explain this in simple terms. I want to get started but I don’t quite understand how to make it all happen.

    James OldfieldOctober 5, 2015
    • Seket

      You get BTCrs for actions. It’s like money. Your can save it to convert to cash or bitcoin or you can spend it to veiw clues, get music downloads or buy merchandise like t-shirts and stuff. Tip: You gain the most credits by referring friends.

      SeketOctober 5, 2015
  • How do i make a new post

    chris mooreOctober 18, 2015
    • Seket

      You don’t have enough BTCs to make a post.

      SeketOctober 28, 2015
  • Yeah thanx for deducting 303btcs from my account for making a comment? How freakin stupid

    chris mooreOctober 18, 2015
    • Seket

      The BTCs were not deducted from your account the were held until the comment was approved or marked as spam. Points are deducted for spammers.

      SeketOctober 28, 2015
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