Truth Be Told

  Chapter 1 When There’s Only Money Between Us. Today I saw an apparition. It was my grandfather. He knew my destination and warned me against it. I only continued because I was obligated. Usually I take into account such omens but his spirit quickly became unrecognizable so I stepped off to visit one of my greatest adversaries and best of friends. Peace or war, laughter or tears? High stakes poker pushing past all fears. We’ve been knowing each other for at least twenty years. This is strictly a business call but I didn’t want to lose a week trying to catch up with this guy so I went to the neighborhood that we used to share and hung around for a couple of days until I ran into him. I was trying to get a sample of a metal alloy for one of my clients. They wanted to reverse engineer it and it was being held in a vault in Cairo. My associate had contacts in the Egyptian consulate. I just wanted to use his inside man but I know he loves money so he’d do his best to keep himself in the middle.      

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